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Matthew Lange

Food and Health Informatician
Dr. Lange’s research program is helping to define and shape a new scientific discipline known as Food Informatics, while simultaneously enabling the engineering of a computable infrastructure for the burgeoning Internet of Food (IoF). Part Semantic Web (SemWeb), part Internet of Things (IoT), the IoF is the global, evolving knowledge base of food that exists as ontologies and linked object data (LOD) stores. These IoF infrastructure components allow anyone on the Internet to contribute what they know about food and also find answers to their questions. As the IoF matures, terminologies used to store information in, and query from, these repositories must be harmonized using standardized, structured vocabularies. These terminologies, known as ontologies, enable interoperability between internet devices as well as query by people via natural language text. In addition to enabling computational interoperability and query--standardization of ontology terms and their axiomatic relationships facilitates artificial intelligence via reasoning and deep learning. In connection with engineering infrastructure for the Internet of Food, Dr. Lange’s research focuses on these key areas:
  1. Building multi-ontology frameworks for combining knowledge stores across the environment⇔agriculture⇔food⇔diet⇔health knowledge spectrum and value chain
  2. Working with subject matter experts to create ontologies as “formal, explicit specifications of a shared conceptualization” within each of the above food knowledge domains
  3. Developing new methods to make ontology creation, curation, and acknowledgement easier and less technical
  4. Engineering of query, artificial intelligence, and software components across local and global IoF data stores and ontologies--for semantically enabled sensors, robotics, and knowledge applications related to food, sustainability, and health.